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Meet our Team at Atlas Translations

Meet our team – it’s the people who make Atlas the exceptional company it is today, so they do deserve to have a section on the Atlas Translations website. Email them, call them or make an appointment to meet them. Via Zoom or Skype, or face to face.

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You need to know that your translation and localisation will be looked after by experts. We take care of every aspect, from a clear and itemised quotation, through to delivery in the format you need. Fast, ISO certified, confidential and great customer service.

Atlas are experts in localising texts for overseas markets and offer a full range of translation, transcreation and localisation services. So as well as translation of your text, taking into account local nuances and cultural references and considerations, we can also help with proofreading and layout.

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Clare Suttie | Director of Atlas Translations

Clare Suttie leads her exceptional team from the front, still as much involved in the day-to-day work at Atlas Translations as in its founding days in 1991. Her ethos of always offering a personal, quality-orientated service to each and every client is the standard our team is measured against. Her passion for seeking out the right individuals with fluency in the most exotic of languages is both exciting and inspiring.

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Jim Hearn | Manager

Jim Hearn joined Atlas in early 2012 as a project manager, and is now its Manager. Jim has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Atlas so far, and takes great pleasure in providing accurate and efficient translation solutions. With a background in hospitality, Jim strives to apply the same friendly, bespoke service as he did when working on the wrong side of a bar.

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Stefania Orlotti | Project Manager

Stefania Orlotti was born and raised in a small village in the south of Italy. She graduated from the University of Naples “L’Orientale” with a Master’s Degree in Linguistics and Specialised Translation, of which she is very proud, and has proven to be very useful in her chosen career.

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Christa Boren | Sales Administrator

Christa Boren is our sales and liaison specialist here at Atlas Translations, adept at all forms of external relationship building and maintenance. You may have already spoken to her already at an exhibition or networking event, if you are one of our language services suppliers or have responded to any of our marketing.

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Anna Davis | PA/Administrator/Blogger and Social Media

Our social media whizz is Anna Davis. Anna’s path to Atlas did not take the most obvious route. Anna began her career as a children’s nurse before leaving hospital-based nursing entirely to take a degree in Public Health and become a health visitor. Her career in the NHS ended in 2009 when she left to have the third of what turned out to be four children. When she returned to work, Anna set off in a new direction and joined a local primary school where she launched and ran its Facebook and Twitter pages as well as the school’s website.

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James Martin | Project Manager

James has made sure that his language skills (in Russian and French) are being put to good use with the work we do here at Atlas and enjoys chatting to our translators and clients about their respective languages and projects. He hasn’t let his studies fall by the wayside either and is currently learning some German, as well as more generally taking an interest in the grammar of foreign languages (it sounds a lot better when he talks about it)!

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Charlie Reston | Marketing Manager

Charlie Reston started with us in 2021 as Marketing Manager. We interviewed her for something else, and she just blew our socks off with every aspect of her application.

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Joanna Maciejewska | Project Manager

A native of Śrem, Poland, where she lived most of her life until embarking on an Erasmus Programme in Andalusia, followed by a few nomadic years living in Spain, Portugal and Estonia, Joanna is now in the UK for the next chapter of her story.

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Tommy | The Office Dog

Tommy the Office Dog loves long countryside walks, sausages, cheese and sleeping on his dad, Jim. He’s a big fan of barking, chewing, digging and burying things in the garden. He also likes a pub garden and can be seen at some of Atlas’ open days.

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