Google Trends – ‘brazilian translate’ ranks high!

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We’ve recently been doing some research into what people are actually ‘Googling’ when they require translation services.

Surprisingly, ‘brazilian translate’ is one of the highest-ranking Google Trends for translation, averaging 1000 monthly searches from UK users!

brazilian translate

WHY ‘brazilian translate’?

…and why would Brazilian (that’s Brazilian Portuguese!) be so in demand?

We can think of a few reasons! A – it’s widely spoken! There are approximately 279 million Portuguese speakers across the globe, with Brazil accounting for around 212 million!

And B – Brazil is becoming increasingly present on the global stage as an economic superpower, leading in industries such as textiles and chemicals.


In our last financial year at Atlas, Brazilian Portuguese ranked 13th out of the 75 languages we worked in (click here >>> to see the others! Year30LanguagesWorkedIn) Will be interesting to see how Brazilian Portuguese climbs the ranks in the coming years!


We are proud to boast a database of translators who are experts in their field, including a wealth of native Brazilian Portuguese speakers.

If we can help you with a translation, request a quote here. Alternatively, call us on 01727 812725 or email

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