Technical translation Translation company Clare Round-the-clock interpreting in 3 languages.Can we help you with any interpreting? Whether you need one interpreter or 25, phone or in person, call Atlas. Product launch, game localisation and much more!  Linkee launching in Norway, featured in Dragons’ Den, Tris, Dean and Ben were a delight to work with. Polish translation

Counselling Foundation

One of the local charities Atlas Translations is delighted to support is the Counselling Foundation. Their mission is to ensure long term counselling is available to anyone experiencing anxiety, depression or grief. If you live near St Albans, or even if you don’t, you may want to get involved with this fun, family-friendly charity cycle ride in […]

Translation into Danish

Danish Translation into Danish. Yes. We also offer Danish interpreting, and can help with transcription, subtitles, voiceover – you name it. So today, on the back of Denmark’s 5-1 win over Republic of Ireland (sorry Clare), we’re talking about Danish – no, not the pastry. But hold your horses, we’ll get there! Firstly, some facts […]

Translation Agency Tips: #44: Working with International Translations and Clients

Due to the intrinsic nature of the translation industry, it is almost inevitable that sooner or later, whether it be frequently or rarely, you’ll be working with someone based in a different country to you. This blog will hopefully provide you with some tips on working with international translations for clients based abroad, and give some […]