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Telephone interpreting is now a fundamental service for many public and private sector professionals. 2- or 3-way conference calls can normally be set up in less than a minute.  24 hour telephone interpreting, a day, 365 days a year.


There are two different types of telephone interpreting:

Two-way call, when the person that you need to speak to is present with you. You only need to have the interpreter on the other line. The following steps are to be followed:

• We will provide you with a number to dial to connect to the operator directly.

• You will be asked for your Account Number and Language code (provided by us).

• The Operator will provide you with a Reference Number.

• You will be put through to the interpreter. Introduce yourself, state the purpose of the call, provide the interpreter of the Reference Number, and instruct to proceed.

• Following the end of the call, instruct the interpreter to pass the Reference Number back to the Operator.

The Account Number you will be given will always be the same, so keep it safe.

Conference call, in which three participants will engage in a conversation from different premises.


Conference Call

• Dial the number to connect to the operator and provide them with the details of the other participants of the call.

• Ask the operator to connect you to the appropriate parties of the call.

• Let the interpreter know who you are, who you will be calling, and the purpose of the meeting.


How does it work?

If you are a first-time user, call us on 01727 812 725 to create an account – this only takes a few minutes and we have no set up charges or subscription fees. We will give you phone number to use, which you can call and state your name, the name of your organisation and your account number.

• State the language you require.

• Give the phone numbers of any additional lines you need to be conferenced with. For example, if you are calling your client at their home or office, you will need to give us this number.

• Mention any special requests.

• You will be put on hold for approximately 60 seconds while we connect you to your interpreter – do not hang up.

• You will then be conferenced with any additional lines you have asked for.

• When you have finished your call, simply hang up your phone.

• All services supplied by us are subject to our Terms & Conditions of Business.

• Please note that telephone interpreting conference calls may be monitored for quality purposes.

Guidelines for using an interpreter: tips and advice

• Make sure you know exactly which language and dialect your client speaks. You should try to avoid making assumptions based on where your client is from.

• Remember to allow at least twice as much time as you would for an ‘English-only’ conversation.

• Do not give too much information at one time.

• Before you end the conversation, make sure that both your client and the interpreter know that the session is about to finish.

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