Clare’s Top Seven Tips for getting your document translated

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Plan your schedule and leave enough time for translation. The English document may have taken you two months to perfect – allowing editing, thinking time, proofreading by a colleague, research and revisions. Try to avoid asking for the translation to then be ready in 24 hours!

If the text is destined for publication remember to include a proofreading stage by a second native speaker – just as you had for your English document!

Do you need all the text to be translated?

Consider if you really need everything to be translated, and is it appropriate for the target country? Do you need to edit or cut before translation?

Is your text too English?

Do you refer to cream teas, summer holidays in July/August, Match of the Day or mention Richard and Judy? If you do not have enough local knowledge, brief the translator to localise the text for you.

Avoid long sentences

Be concise and make your content easy to read. Check grammar and spelling – sounds obvious but is essential.

Send the final version!

Make sure you send the final version of any file for translation. Check titles, spelling of names, and any contact details especially.

Brief your translators!

The more information and background/context you can give them, the better.


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