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I know Easter is a long way behind us now and we are advancing quickly through May, despite the weather suggesting many alternatives to what we expect from standard issue May sunshine. But I would like to rewind back to Easter for a moment…. Naturally here at Atlas Translations, we indulged in a bit of chocolate and some of us indulged in project manager James’ chocolate because he wasn’t eating it fast enough. Sorry James – I owe you a few Aeros, but leave a minty-bubbly Aero unattended and you only have yourself to blame.

Easter Eggs; Atlas Translations; St Albans; London; Clare Suttie

I had used up all my self-restraint in the weeks before and there was nothing left in reserve. Here’s why….. Tate Recruitment in St Albans tasked themselves with collecting Easter eggs for the patients of the children’s ward at Watford General Hospital and also for those patients at Peace Hospice, Watford. We donated some of these eggs, although not all 800… there isn’t room in the office due to the bras we keep collecting. We bought a few eggs to donate and looked after them until someone from Tate Recruitment popped in to collect. This was the endurance test.

The rules were simple. We had to walk past half a dozen chocolate eggs a number of times a day over a few days… a week or so I think, it’s all a bit of a blur now. We weren’t allowed to rip open the box and the foil and devour the lot in seconds  (despite this idea flitting across my mind repeatedly) as this would be frowned upon. Greedy, no less. We all managed it and thankfully the eggs remained intact so that they were kindly distributed by Tate.

Well done Tate Recruitment for organising this wonderful endeavor. It’s gestures like these that remind the community that there are faces behind the corporations. We are all people with children or with friends or relatives who access the children’s wards or hospice services. I have had the pleasure to have worked on a Children’s ward during Easter holidays and it really means so much to the children and their families to receive the Easter eggs. It’s not just the chocolate but it’s knowing that you haven’t been forgotten about. Even… correction… ESPECIALLY by strangers.

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