Fran Meets World | Halloween 2015

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Halloween 2015

I was born in the month of Halloween. I’m not sure if this says something about me but when I was little, I really wanted to have powers like Samantha in Bewitched and her daughter Tabitha, so every night I would wiggle my nose to switch off the light without having to get up (pure laziness)… It never worked obviously, and I think it gave me early wrinkles on my nose … Today you can clap your hands and switch lights on and off. Why, why, why was I born in the ‘70’s??!!


I didn’t really celebrate Halloween growing up in Rome. We Italians only really started celebrating it in the early 90’s. One year I went to a club dressed as witch. I had long nails that made it a struggle to hold a drink, thick fake eyelashes that I couldn’t see past, and a big black wig with a really tall hat that meant I couldn’t get through some doors. I was a walking hazard and am still not convinced they used to dress like this in medieval times… With a synthetic wig like mine, I could have gone up in flames at any moment!


So on that night, some television people were casting for the Italian version of Blind Date, and believe it or not I was chosen to go on the programme. They couldn’t really see my face under all that witch make up, so don’t know why they chose me. Anyway, I didn’t find the man of my dreams that night, and learnt at an early age that witches stories never end “happily ever after”. The reason for this is pretty simple – think about Samantha from Bewitched. She was pretty, well dressed, found a husband and lived a lovely life. I would suggest any witch still trying to find the man of their dreams to have a complete style make over. Lose the long dark hair in favour of a sassy haircut. And with the green skin and witchy features, a bit of plastic surgery wouldn’t go amiss! And also, enough with eating potions with rats, bats and spiders in them! It can’t be good while you trying to date!


Happy Halloween 2015!



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