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Sustainable St Albans

Our poor earth is becoming more and more polluted every day. Food going to waste, endangered species dying out, ice caps melting… We decided to take action and do our part to save the planet! So last week, we went greener as part of the Sustainable St Albans movement, and did our bit for the lovely Roman city we are lucky to live in!


One idea was to grow some herbs in the office. We’ve gone for parsley, some lovely basil, and coriander. Maybe we’ll add some fun chives or some crazy mint to our little garden at some stage! I am sure the last Chelsea Flower Show winners started out just like us, so who knows? Maybe next year it could be us! We can meet some VIPS, drink champagne with the Queen and start traveling the world in our private (environmentally-friendly) Atlas jet.


Dreaming big is good, but before we start travelling the world, in another effort to make the office more sustainable, on Monday last week we decided to go vegetarian for a day. Each of us brought in a veggie dish that we cooked with fresh locally sourced ingredients. I tried to go vegetarian once before but I found it extremely hard. I ended up eating salad and tomatoes for months. I had no strength, I thought my life was over so I had a cheeseburger. This is why I am still here!


One last thing we did last week was to recycle some of our clothes. We donated some items we no longer wear to charities and used other bits to create new things, so they didn’t go to waste. We won’t need them anyway after we win the Chelsea Flower Show, as we’ll be travelling with our personal designers who can create some amazing eco- friendly outfits for us!


This is part of our commitment for a greener St Albans (and planet). Have you made any special efforts to live a more sustainable lifestyle?


On another note, Winter is now well and truly here, most of the leaves have now fallen from the trees, the skies are grey and it is getting increasingly cold and dark.


In all this dullness, there is something to cheer us all up and bring some colour back into our lives – our new lovely  website! It is a very exciting moment for Atlas and the translation world!


As they say ‘our eyes are the window to our soul’ and as such, this new website is the window to Atlas’ soul – professional, knowledgeable and fun! There are pictures of us so you can put a face to the email, plus brand new videos featuring some of our lovely translators talking about working in the translation business. We’ve got stories from clients we have worked with previously, and lots more interesting and always current information!


The way we work today is hugely different  from when Atlas started in the 1990’s, but our personal, tailored approach to providing quality language services has not changed. We’ve come a long way since we started out, and this new website will define a new and very exciting era for Atlas and the translation world – I just hope I look good in those pictures!


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