The importance of professional translations

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We often get asked ‘Why not just use Google Translate?’ or ‘What is the importance using a qualified, professional translator when Bob in the office speaks Italian?’


These are interesting questions, Google Translate and Bob do have a part to play if you want to know what a document or email is about or know how to translate a word or two. However, accurate translations are essential to make sure that you are portraying your business accurately and in the correct tone of voice.


Other considerations for getting the details correct are legal and medical translations where a totally different vocabulary is used- what happens if some of the details are wrong? Or if you want to give instructions on how to use your product?


One of our translators recently sent us an example of a bad translation.


She had ordered a pack of car eyelashes for her little girl’s teacher as an end of term present.  When she read the instructions on the front of the pack she was left confused! The instructions read as follows…


Etle (the company’s name) all the “under” installed, just need to put the torn paper will be posted on its headlights on you. Your headlights when he put up a scroll Etle of all the eyelashes, it is in fine fettle, inspirited, love the charm, and become a power in the road goes, there will be very high Turns head looked.


As you can see this makes no sense what so ever and would leave the consumer totally confused. These instructions may also make the consumer question the quality of the product! If so little effort and time has been put into the packaging, will the product be any better?


Make sure that you get it right; mistranslations can have a devastating effect on your business. Give us a call!


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