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Every few weeks we come across another article in the news highlighting a translation blunder that could have been avoided by engaging a professional, certified translator. As a translation agency, it is frustrating to see the translation industry in the spotlight when translations have caused commercial embarrassment, however, it continues to demonstrate the crucial importance of a skilled translator. Atlas Translations provide a comprehensive range of translation and brand check services to ensure that you speak the right language to customers, clients or colleagues.

Translation in the news

This week we read about incoherent public health messages distributed to communities in Australia, which were supposed to include information on how to stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Australian federal and state government have been encouraged to use accredited translators to carry out thorough checks on information before it is published. Click to read the full article.

Translation Speak the right language

Recently, Amazon were in the news after launching their Swedish retail site with a series of errors which meant that some products were listed with nonsensical descriptions that didn’t make sense to Swedish readers. At Atlas Translations we have experience providing product descriptions in many different languages. We understand that meaningful and factually correct listings are key to sales, as well as reputation. Click to read the full article.

Every couple of months another translation story appears in the news, which we can’t help but laugh about. However, after the initial sniggering, there is frustration because it is often the case that the problems could have been resolved by using professional translators and brand check services. In the summer, a brewery in Canada and a shop selling leather goods in New Zealand were highlighted in the news for using the Māori word ‘Huruhuru,’ believing that the word translated as ‘feather,’ when it is actually used as a reference to pubic hair. Click to read the full article.

Speak the right language to new audiences

All of these examples highlight the importance of professional translation services, to avoid alienating markets or causing offence. Being understood is truly valuable and skilled translators ensure that you’re speaking the right language to new audiences.

If that doesn’t persuade you, then here are five more reasons to use Atlas Translations language services for your next project: Five Reasons To Use Atlas Translations Language Services.


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