Tsukimi, Moon viewing

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This month at Atlas we have had an influx of Japanese translations. As a result of this, we decided to find out a bit more about what the Japanese are up to this month.

Tsukimi Moon viewing is an old Japanese tradition that started when Royal Courtiers and aristocrats would gather beneath the full Moon to recite poetry, and drink sake.

The Japanese hold Tsukimi moon viewing parties in September every year. These are traditional parties which are held to celebrate the beauty of the Moon.

People gather in places where the Moon can be viewed clearly, hold special feasts which include foods such as tsukimi-dango (dumplings) and of course drink plenty of sake!

The Japanese people follow the time honoured tradition of covering their windows with sprays of susuki (pampas grass) and hagi (bush clover). This is done as an offering to the Moon to make wishes come true.


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