Typesetting – what is it and how does it work?

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Many people don’t understand what typesetting is or the process that they have to go through when typesetting a document. This is where we come in and are able to help you with the process.

What is typesetting?

Typesetting is the process of laying out a document in a particular format, usually in preparation for printing. We regularly typeset magazines, brochures, leaflets and business cards. Our work is carried out using desktop publishing packages such as Quark Xpress, In Design and PageMaker.

Who will carry out my typesetting?

All our typesetting work is completed by linguists with knowledge of the target language, who are aware of such things as the correct hyphenation, capitalization and punctuation for this particular language.

How can you supply the finished document?

We can supply documents electronically in a variety of formats, but you should be aware that if the text is in a language that does not use the Latin alphabet, for example Arabic, Chinese or Hindi, you may only be able to read the file if you have the appropriate fonts for that language. Alternatively, we can offer EPS files or PDF files, depending on your requirements.

Can I see the work before a final version is sent to me?

We always send proofs for your approval before running out a final version. Proofs can be supplied as PDF files or as laser copies.

How do you charge for typesetting?

This depends on the language, how much work is involved and in what format you would like to receive the final version. Each project is priced individually. If you can supply sample pages of the original document, we can get a good idea of your requirements.


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