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Give your voice a spring in its step!


Speech, Atlas Translations, Pippa Wilson, St Albans, Vocal Training, London, Clare SuttieIs it possible to give your voice a makeover? – yes! Come and improve the richness and variety of your voice, learn how to look after it and use it well for your work and everyday life – all within the space of three hours!  Apart from your appearance, your voice is the first thing others notice about you when they meet you – initially, and every time after that.


Going for a run? – you would get fully acquainted with how to warm up and cool down large muscles; the same applies to the voice and speech muscles, especially if you are about to be a bit more athletic with them. The muscles and ligaments producing your voice need looking after and they age just as the rest of your body does, so why not give your voice a bit of a work-out now and again? We use our voices all the time, during a large percentage of each day, and in a variety of situations – sometimes under some duress, sometimes over background noise, sometimes we need to use our voice in a larger room or project it in an outdoor setting. Your voice needs strength and stamina, and gets tired just like you do!


Your voice is the sound vibrating when the vocal cords move together very fast, but to make the cords work you need fuel; breath is that fuel for your voice so how you breathe is paramount to a healthy voice. If your voice is on track, varying your voice for interest, projecting it well and making clear sounds for intelligible speech will follow with greater ease. This means you can communicate effectively on the phone, over loud noise or speak to groups with more confidence and clarity. Then you are well on the road to using your voice more efficiently and not just getting your message across, but actively drawing your audience in to what you are saying – and impressing them, whether it’s one person or a group of one hundred!


The Vocal and Wellbeing Gym gives you a toolkit of exercises to warm up your voice and relax it, and teaches you how to care for your voice – to avoid irritants, reduce less desirable vocal habits and manage vocally demanding situations. It’s time to discover those parts of your voice you didn’t think you could reach!

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