I want to be a translator!

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So, as a translation agency, we hear this a lot. We meet people who want to be translators, or have just started their freelance worlds. What do we say?


Atlas has been going 23 years, and we are established and respected – not just for great work for clients, but also by translators and suppliers who we build long-lasting relationships with. You probably know what a translation company does, so instead I’ll focus on what we offer to people who want to work with us, at all stages of their careers. We can offer a lot more than just asking you to fill in a form and sitting on our database.


We offer a work placement scheme, offering experience to people from all different backgrounds, from many countries.


We offer training courses – Project Management, CAT tools, proofreading, voiceovers…..


We run CV clinics – to ensure you present yourself in the best light


Find out about us (and anyone else you want to work with) – do your research. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook etc. Come along to one of our Open Days


What’s the demand and what should I specialise in?


This will vary from agency to agency. For Atlas, EU languages are most requested, although Chinese, Arabic and Indian languages are also popular . Subject areas are very wide , think “solid” subjects like law, contracts, finance, marketing. We also work on “interesting” projects like cookery books, market research, toys, websites. Our clients are varied – your choice as a translator is whether to go “niche” and drill down into a particular specialist area – or keep your options open with a variety of subjects and then specialise later on.


Think about subjects you enjoy and that you can work on easily and will enjoy researching – sounds obvious? The faster you work, the more money you’ll earn. And the more you will enjoy this wonderful career choice.





I want to be a translator!

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  1. Elena Mercier

    I want to be a translator freelance from English to Bulgarian/French/Spanish and Russian.
    many thanks for your suggestion.

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