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When creating a new website the question of whether to translate the website is often raised. If this question is not raised then it should be! With over 100 million non-English-speaking people currently using the Internet, your website may need to be presented in more than one language to maximise its marketing potential.

By the end of 2003, non-English speakers generated more than half of all international e-commerce. Soon, English will not be the dominant language used on the Internet. Don’t let your company miss out.

We have a team of qualified and professional translators translate only into their mother tongue. Each translator specialises in a particular area, such as computing, medicine, advertising, etc. This means we can select a linguist who is well versed in website translation for your particular line of business.

Once you have decided to translate your website you need to get all of the website text together for the translation agency. This can all be downloaded from your company website and would just need the appropriate user IDs and passwords. However, it is also a good idea to provide the text as separate files in MS Word (or HTML, XML, etc.) This means that there is no doubt about which files we should be working on, and that no links will get missed.

When you are sent the translated files back they can be sent to you in various formats including HTML, XML and Unicode, depending on which format suits you best and which is technically viable in the language. In most cases, the completed work can be sent back in the same format it was received – even if the text uses different character sets (e.g. Japanese or Greek). You should ask for test files to be provided at the outset of the project to ensure complete compatibility with browsers and operating systems.

As well as translating and localising your website Atlas can also help you to copywrite and design your website in English. Please contact us for further details.


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