Working from home, the office, or Necker Island.

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There’s a news report out about working from home :


The new Chief Executive of Yahoo is dragging all her home workers back in to the office. Meanwhile Richard Branson apparently does most of his work from Necker Island. I know which option I’d prefer, but what do you think?


Working from home



Here at Atlas, we do encourage a mixture of working from home and the office . It’s a bit of a treat to lose your commuting time, and I truly believe that everyone gets more done at home. Yes, you may go and hang your washing out for 10 minutes in the morning, but much of the day you are working uninterrupted and quietly focused. Working back in the office, you can also re-connect with colleagues and catch up with the gossip.


It annoys me that people assume “working from home” means working in bed, or in front of the TV snoozing, then nipping out for leisurely lunches and trips to the shops.


Translation tends to be a home-based activity, though it’s interesting to note that some of our translators do have a separate office – so that they can switch off when they are at home. Contrary to popular belief they are not translating 24 hours a day (so I am told).


What’s the best option for you?


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  1. Priscilla

    I think translators should be allowed to work at home, it’s easier to focus on your work when you don’t have people around you calling your attention. People can also have more resources at home than in an office (of course, depending on the office and on the house, hehe). Translation sometimes needs a little creativity, so if you’re comfortable, answers pop up quite easier (at least it happens to me). I dream on the day I can work at home!! =D

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