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With summer almost at an end, we’ve enjoyed a wide range of food, music and other cultural festivals. Regardless of the weather, festivals are hugely successful events which gather people from all over the world to enjoy the luxuries of life.

Festivals such as Wireless festival and Reading festival in the United Kingdom, Tomorrowland in Belgium, the Zagreb Folk Festival in Croatia and many more, provide entertainment, cuisine as well as a bit of history and culture of these countries year upon year. Attending festivals is a great way of meeting new people, interacting with cultures you may not have interacted with before and it provides an insight on what it is like to live in countries which may be very different to your own.

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Often one of the main draws of a festival is the food. One event I continue to attend is the Food and Drink Festivals (Feastival) that starts at the end of summer, around September-October time in St Albans. This attracts an average of 12,000 people to the City Centre every year to experience cuisine from all over the world. One of the main purposes of this festival is to gather chefs from different cultures and countries so they can come together and put on live cooking demonstrations for the many visitors, and give people visiting a greater understanding on what sort of food they enjoy in their native countries.

Events like these create an extremely enjoyable atmosphere for all who attend. I, for one, would truly encourage anyone to attend, whether it is a music festival or cultural festival, they are all fantastic opportunities to experience a variety of events. These events are open to all and improve our knowledge on cultures other than our own.

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