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Posted on17 October 2017

12 Weeks to make a difference to your Business

12 Weeks to make a difference to your Business

Every business I’ve met, start-up to established, is always searching for new clients and work.  One way many companies do this is to attend business shows or Expos. Recently, the Atlas team attended a relatively new event hosted by the St Albans Businesses Group. We found this event really stood apart from other small regional events we have attended. There are a variety of reasons for this, including the shorter length of the event. The main factor, I think is that the organizers, Sue Wybrow and June Cory, made the exhibitors do a bit of legwork before the show. This seems to have paid off. What they asked each of the exhibitors to do was to come prepared with 12 tips for visitors, one to do each week, to improve your business.

Let’s face it; we all have too much to do each day and often neglect any task that is not essential, or those that we dread. If you are anything like me, that means I end up putting off many of the things that I really should be doing to grow and improve business.  It is always easier to be reactive and do the things we are comfortable doing, and that we do well. So how do you make yourself do those dreaded tasks? Accountability, tell someone, “I am going to do this” and ask then to follow up with you at the end of the 12 weeks.

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I am a huge believer in lists and ticking things off- or even better striking them out! Somehow the act of marking them out is almost more rewarding than actually doing whatever it is that you needed to do. Also, having a timeframe and a deadline, 12 weeks, keeps you on track but at the same time one task each week seems manageable, even to someone with too much on their plate. Not every week’s task will be relevant for every business. It is still good to look them over and think about each one; you even get to cross it out once you have thought about and feel smug that you already thought of that.

Translation is often something that impacts your business more than you realize. Even if you are not actively working in another language or outside the UK.  Here are the 12 steps that we came up with: 12 Weeks – Atlas Translations

Let me elaborate on a few of the steps

2) Research your local area – how many people who live near you don’t speak English as a native language?  Take for example, one of our clients, The Book Trust. They were able to reach out to more people in the UK and encouraged non-native English speaking parents to read more with their children. To see more of their story look here.

3)  Research your competition – if they’re translating product listings etc. then maybe you should be too! If you want to sell your product to people in France remember they will be searching in French, not English, and your products may not appear in search results even if you have the perfect product.  How about starting an Amazon store? See how one of our clients expanded their small business by selling on Amazon outside the UK.

5) Check if your website is being auto-translated by Google if viewed in another country. This could be doing you more harm than good. Have you ever read the auto- translated posts in your Facebook feed? Can you even read them? They often make good entertainment but most likely this is not how you want to represent your business. To get an idea and a good laugh out of how Google Translate works, check out these songs that the talented Malinda Kathleen Reese has run though Google Translate and then sings.

So how do you find out if you page is being auto-translated by Google? Ask us and we can check for you.  If your website is a WordPress website, then you have the option to turn off the auto-translate function by inserting a bit of code. Talk to your web designer about this option.

Let us also share a few of the tips that we picked up from other companies at the show and that we have checked off our list here at Atlas.


“Google loves good video content. Make sure you have a YouTube channel and that you have optimised all of your videos. Consider the benefits of a Vlog. Share your video content on your social media channels. Tip: adding them to your Facebook page is a great idea, rather than just adding a link to them in a post.”

Atlas can also help with your video or vlog. How often (at work, on the train, with screaming children in the background) can you not hear that video a come up on a website? Subtitles are the answer.   Here at Atlas we can transcribe your video and provide translated subtitles to have your video reach wider audience.

Digital Jen

“Is your site mobile responsive? Check how it responds on a mobile or tablet.”

This is so quick and easy; pick up your phone right now and check if you don’t already know. Either way, hold yourself accountable and start by checking this last tip off your list. One week down 12 weeks to go!

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