Courses for Translators & Interpreters

Technical translation Translation company Clare Round-the-clock interpreting in 3 languages.Can we help you with any interpreting? Whether you need one interpreter or 25, phone or in person, call Atlas. Product launch, game localisation and much more!  Linkee launching in Norway, featured in Dragons’ Den, Tris, Dean and Ben were a delight to work with. Polish translation

IgnITIon – the ITI bulletin for people starting out

IgnITIon – what’s that? Well, read on to find out. As an established translation agency (since 1991!) we have always had lots of enquiries from: Students Teachers People wanting a career change Translators and interpreters starting out We refer translators and interpreters at any point in their career to the Institute of Translation and Interpreting […]

Atlas Translations Training: Vocal Wellbeing & Speech Gym

Give your voice a spring in its step!   Is it possible to give your voice a makeover? – yes! Come and improve the richness and variety of your voice, learn how to look after it and use it well for your work and everyday life – all within the space of three hours!  Apart […]

Finding a Work Placement or Internship

Finding a work placement or internship – where do you start?! University life can be exhausting: an endless number of parties to attend, people to meet, friends to keep, naps to take and, on top of it all, finals, papers and parents’ expectations to not disappoint. A good escape of the university routine (yes, let’s […]

How to get even more out of your career: become a voiceover artist!

Are you working as a freelancer within the translation industry and you’d like to expand your range of competencies? Do you think that using your voice as a business tool would bring more satisfaction to your professional career? Voiceover could be the answer you are looking for!   All you need to do is to […]