How to get even more out of your career: become a voiceover artist!

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Are you working as a freelancer within the translation industry and you’d like to expand your range of competencies? Do you think that using your voice as a business tool would bring more satisfaction to your professional career? Voiceover could be the answer you are looking for!


All you need to do is to get started and – especially in business – the sooner the better.


We would be more than happy to take you through all the stages to become a voiceover artist, starting with our Voiceover Training Course for Beginners. You may not be sure of your talent and taking part in this short but intense course will definitely make you think more about it.


Based on my personal experience, I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to start a new career within this industry. It is incredibly fascinating to learn how to listen to your own voice in a different way to how you normally would. You will also have to learn to be as silent as possible and you may discover sounds and noises you make that you wouldn’t have ever noticed before while speaking. You will also need to learn how to control the speed of your voice and reach the audience by adding character to your voice tone.


There is a list of specific techniques that will help you train your voice and make business from it.


We look forward to booking you onto our next Voiceover Training Course!


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