Launch of the LO-C 30 Report from Aston Business School and ATC

LO-C 30 Report Atlas Translations

Director of Atlas Translations Clare Suttie was excited to attend the launch of the LO-C 30 Report from Aston Business School and ATC yesterday, 11 May 2021.

SMEs play a critical role in the UK economy, and previous research has shown a strong link between exporting and growth. For UK SMEs, a key way to generate growth is through exporting products and services to international markets.

We know this at Atlas, as we help companies of all sizes explore international markets –  from translating a 200 page shop front online to packaging for tea bags. But now we have some impressive, solid research into this area.

SMEs making use of language capabilities are 30% more successful in exporting than those who do not.

Aston Business School’s LO-C 30 Report, backed by the ATC, is the first comprehensive, UK-wide quantitative research study investigating how language capabilities at an organisational level can facilitate the internationalisation of UK SMEs.

The results reveal that SMEs can significantly increase their export sales, growth and profits by investing in language capabilities: by hiring people with language skills and high cultural intelligence, providing language training to existing staff and investing in professional translation services using sophisticated language technology.

So what are you waiting for? Take that first step today! We’d love to hear from you and help you along the way. You’ll need to work with a certified, professional translation company, and we can give you that reassurance.

Quality, ISO, certification, experience, trust, confidentiality, specialists and dedicated project managers, it’s all covered. Find out more about our ISO certification here:

We invest in our processes and procedures to ensure that our projects are streamlined and service is smooth. We hold two ISO certifications. The first is 9001: 2015, and we also hold 17100 – one of the first UK companies to achieve this certification. We are also members of ITI, CIEP and ATC. Not to mention nearly 30 years of experience to guide and help you get the best.

We have recently starting using TrustPilot and you can see our reviews to date here:

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