Dydd Gŵyl Dewi (St David’s Day)

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This Sunday (1st March) the Welsh will be celebrating Dydd Gŵyl Dewi (St David’s Day). This is the feast day of the patron saint of Wales Dewi Sant (St David) who, according to legend, died on this day in the year 589 AD.

Daffodils Happy St Davids Day

St David’s Day

Dewi Sant (St David) was a preacher, renowned for founding Celtic monastic settlements across Wales, Cornwall and Brittany, including one such community at the site of St David’s Cathedral (named after him) in Pembrokeshire where he is buried. His most celebrated miracle occurred while he was preaching to a large group of people at the Synod of Brefi, when a small hill formed beneath where he stood, and a white dove settled upon his shoulder, hence why the saint is portrayed in this way in numerous artworks and stained glass windows. He is supposed to have lived for over 100 years until, according to legend, he died on the 1st March in the year 589 AD, which is why on this day every year, the Welsh celebrate Dydd Gŵyl Dewi (St David’s Day).

Although not a bank holiday (despite protests to make it one) people across Wales mark the day by wearing traditional dress, attending parades and going to, or performing in music events. School children across the country take part in eisteddfodau which are traditional festivals featuring music and recitals. Other Welsh citizens wear the national emblems of the Cenhinen (leek) and Cenhinen Pedr (daffodil) on their lapels.

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