Technical translation Translation company Clare Round-the-clock interpreting in 3 languages.Can we help you with any interpreting? Whether you need one interpreter or 25, phone or in person, call Atlas. Product launch, game localisation and much more!  Linkee launching in Norway, featured in Dragons’ Den, Tris, Dean and Ben were a delight to work with. Polish translation

Technology in translations – Human translation vs machines

Human translation vs machines Human translation vs machines. A topic that comes up frequently in discussions about the future of the translation industry (and indeed many other industries). The role of technology and what it means for human translators. As many of us realise, technology is a rapidly growing sector in today’s society. The emergence […]

How to choose a translator – for a professional, quality translation service

So you need a professional, ISO certified, quality translation service. But how do you choose a translator? Yes, we do translations. And a lot more. People always wonder how many languages we at Atlas Translations Ltd speak – in fact the most commonly asked question I get is: “How many languages do you speak?”  Our […]

IgnITIon – ITI Student Bulletin

As an established translation agency (since 1991!) we have always had lots of enquiries from: Students Teachers People wanting a career change Translators and interpreters starting out We refer translators and interpreters at any point in their career to the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (known as ITI). We have been corporate members of ITI […]

Translation Agency Tips: #43: Translating Subtitles

Subtitles play a central role in films around the world. Allowing speakers of different languages access to films they would otherwise not understand. Many (if not most) film goers prefer subtitles to dubbing. This is perhaps because watching a film with subtitles doesn’t take anything away from how the film was meant to look, feel […]

Translation Agency Tips: #27 Active Networking

Earlier in this blog series we’ve touched upon marketing yourself as a freelance linguist and maintaining a good relationship with agencies. In both of those blogs we mentioned networking as something to do to increase your profile. Here, we go into a bit more depth about active networking and provide some tips. One way to […]

Translation Agency Tips: #24 Maintaining a Good Relationship with Agencies

So you’ve been approved to work with an agency, and have maybe had a couple offers of work, but what can you do to ensure these offers keep coming in? Below we’ve outlined some tips of effective ways of maintaining a good relationship with a translation agency. Now, here’s a bit of a disclaimer – […]

Translation Agency Tips: #23 Working Onsite – Things to Consider

Working onsite for a client brings with it a different set of challenges for translators.   First and foremost, agree with your client what you will be paid up front. This may seem like we’re stating the obvious here, but it’s important to have everything agreed upfront and in writing ahead of the assignment. Ask for […]

Translation Agency Tips: #21 Professional Indemnity (PII) Insurance – should you have it?

Should you have Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) as a translator? Straight answer – yes! But seriously, to expand further though, you are offering a professional service to businesses. Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) covers you if you are negligent or make a mistake which causes a client’s business to suffer financial loss. You’re no doubt a […]

Translation Agency Tips: #19 What professional organisations should I join?

We are frequently asked which professional organisations or bodies translators should join. There is no one answer to this question!  In fact there are many answers, and it depends on many factors, including the country you are from, the country you are living in, and the languages you offer.  Some professional organisations suit some people […]