The Many Benefits of Being a Living Wage Employer

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As an accredited living wage employer, Atlas Translations is committed to paying our employees a wage that reflects the realities of working life in the UK. Alongside over 8,000 other employers in the country, Atlas is part of a voluntary scheme that provides huge benefits for both businesses and society as a whole. Here are a few reasons why we decided to become part of this fantastic project!

What is the living wage?

The living wage is an hourly rate of pay that aims to provide employees with the income needed to contend with all of the necessities of daily life in the UK. Unlike the national minimum wage, which is set and enforced by the government, the living wage is a voluntary scheme run by the Living Wage Foundation. The Living Wage Foundation conducts an annual study into the hourly rate of pay required to live comfortably in the UK. This means that the living wage changes regularly to reflect increased costs of living, and is designed especially for the realities of day-to-day life. There’s also a slightly higher rate for London-based businesses to reflect the higher cost of living in the capital.

What are the benefits of the living wage?

Simply put, paying the living wage is the right thing to do! The living wage reflects changes in the cost of living and ensures that employees are paid fairly for their hard work. In addition, many businesses have seen significant changes for the better after adopting the scheme. According to the Living Wage Foundation, 93% of businesses have benefited from being accredited by the organisation. Some of these benefits include a better reputation, increased motivation for employees and positive differentiation within their industry.

What makes an accredited living wage employer stand out?

If you choose to work with an accredited living wage employer, you can be assured that the people you interact with are being fairly compensated for the services they provide. As a voluntary scheme, the living wage is a really good indicator of a business that cares about its employees and works hard to go the extra mile. Often, that mindset can be extended to their outlook towards clients, too!

When you work with Atlas Translations, you’re working with real people with a true passion for what they do. With over thirty years’ worth of experience in the translation industry, Atlas is a close knit team of translators, interpreters and project managers who work together to provide the ideal service to suit your language needs.

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