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Translation Agency Tips: #43: Translating Subtitles

Subtitles play a central role in films around the world. Allowing speakers of different languages access to films they would otherwise not understand. Many (if not most) film goers prefer subtitles to dubbing. This is perhaps because watching a film with subtitles doesn’t take anything away from how the film was meant to look, feel […]

Translation Agency Tips: #39: Credit Control

Credit Control – Before you start work Credit control really starts from the moment you consider taking a job, from any client, translation agency or not. Have you confirmed all costs in writing, with or without VAT? Is it a fixed price or dependent on an hourly rate? Is there a limit on number of […]

Translation Agency Tips: #37: Tips for an editing/amending assignments

You’ve just delivered a translation to a client and you’re about to make yourself a cup of tea before you start working on a new project. Sounds like a good start. Don’t forget that your client may need your help again – editing is part of the job too.   There are many reasons why […]

Translation Agency Tips: #36 Communicating with Clients

We are all about communicating here at Atlas Translations; it is one of our best assets! When we are in the office we are here for clients and suppliers by phone, email, fax (there are a few people still using faxes), Twitter… and in person too.   With good communication everyone is happier – queries […]

Translation Agency Tips: #35 How best to use reference material

Whether the source materials you’ve been given to work on are of a technical nature or whether they’re fairly straightforward, if your client has provided you with some reference material you’ll need to make sure you use this efficiently.   The very nature of translation is subjective, so if a client has had something translated […]

Translation Agency Tips: #26 Formatting Translations

When working on a translation project, we may sometimes find it difficult to deal with the formatting of our documents, especially when dealing with complex layouts. It is however part of the translator’s work to acknowledge any alterations the files may suffer and try to minimise the risk of formatting chaos. Let’s take a look […]

Translation Agency Tips: #25 Translating in PowerPoint

Translating in PowerPoint format isn’t all that different from working in Word format, but there are a few things to be aware of. It can be more time consuming, particularly when slides are in a ‘non-editable’ format. Sometimes, (but it’s not always the case, so check with your client) featured tables and graphs are not […]

Translation Agency Tips: #22 Tips for proofreading a translation

While thinking about proofreading for this blog topic, I was immediately reminded of reading Eats, Shoots and Leaves a few years ago and this quote sums up my feelings perfectly;   “Part of one’s despair, of course, is that the world cares nothing for the little shocks endured by the sensitive stickler. While we look […]

Translation Agency Tips: #17 Top Tips for working from home

Freelancers are often found working from home, whether it’s under the stairs, in a spare room, or in a corner of the house. When Atlas Translations started in 1991, it was generally agreed that in the future, we’d all be working from home with no commuting –  technology allowing us to work anywhere. In reality, […]