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Posted on23 January 2024

Proofreading Services: What Are They and Why Do I Need Them?

As any linguist worth their salt will tell you, a top-tier translation is much more than a one-step process. One of the most essential parts of any detailed translation is the proofreading stage. Translation agency proofreading services will enhance translation quality by reviewing for errors and inconsistencies and helping to maintain the original meaning of the text.

We often recommend proofreading services to our clients. Here’s a little more on what proofreading entails and why it could be an essential ingredient in your translation. 

What is proofreading?

Proofreading is an essential step in the process of creating any written content. It involves having a second pair of eyes review a document for errors and improvements. You might think proofreading means simply checking for spelling and grammar mistakes, but it goes way beyond that. Proofreading ensures accuracy and clarity in format and meaning for an effective translation.

Why do I need proofreading?

When it comes to writing, it is often challenging to spot our own mistakes. If you’ve ever worked on a lengthy report or presentation, you’ve likely worked on it for hours, then set it aside. Returning to the document the next day, you’re disappointed to see endless typos, misplaced words, and disjointed paragraphs – so what happened? Well, you did nothing wrong. Because our brains work faster than our fingers, as we work, we overlook missing information and spelling errors.

Because we overlook these errors, having someone else proofread our work is crucial. A fresh set of eyes can catch those mistakes that we missed. Whether it’s a small typo or a phrase that needs rewording, getting a second opinion is something the best translators make a habit of doing.

Why is proofreading important in translation?

When it comes to translation, accuracy and clarity are paramount. A bad translation or an overlooked error can have significant consequences, ranging from personal misunderstandings to potential legal troubles. This is where translation agency proofreading services play a crucial role. It ensures the translated text is flawless, coherent, and faithful to the original meaning.

There are many reasons why proofreading is so important in translation, but let’s dive into the top three:

Identification and Correction of Mistakes

Proofreading is a meticulous process that involves carefully reviewing the translated text to identify and rectify any errors, inconsistencies, or misinterpretations. This includes grammatical mistakes, incorrect word usage, punctuation errors, and formatting issues. These mistakes are captured and corrected by thoroughly proofreading the translation, ensuring a polished and error-free final product.

Ensuring Accurate and Effective Translation

As we’ve touched on, translation is not just about substituting words. It involves capturing the essence and intended meaning of the source language and the original text. Proofreading helps ensure that the translation accurately reflects the intended message.

By incorporating the skills of multiple translators and proofreaders, they can collectively contribute their expertise, viewpoints, and knowledge to enhance the quality and accuracy of the translation. 

Maintaining the Original Meaning and Tone

A skilled proofreader can identify any instances where the translated text may lack the appropriate context or feel awkward in terms of tone or style. By making necessary adjustments, proofreading ensures that the translated text reads naturally and effectively in the target language.

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What does a proofreader do?

At Atlas Translations, we always assign a second native translator for the proofreading stage. Their job is to compare the original text with the translated version, looking for any potential errors, ambiguities, or missing information. The translated document is updated and proofread again.

Great translation focuses on maintaining the text’s original meaning as accurately as possible. However, the proofreader may suggest a phrase or word in the target language to convey that intended meaning better. This may mean making adjustments as necessary to achieve clarity and coherence.

When do I need proofreading?

While proofreading is essential for any type of written material, there are specific situations where its importance becomes even more pronounced. A top-tier proofreading stage will be a collaborative process – not just a corrective one. It’s a chance for two expert translators to engage in a dialogue by working together to produce the most accurate and true representation of the original document.

Large Audience

Proofreading becomes crucial whenever you have content that will be read by a large audience, such as articles, blog posts, or website copy. Mistakes in grammar, spelling, or punctuation can undermine the credibility of your writing and distract readers from your intended message. By carefully proofreading any translated document, Atlas Translations ensures that it is well-crafted, error-free, and ready to make the best impression on your readers.

Translating Medical, Legal or Technical Documents

When translating medical, legal or technical documents, proofreading becomes an indispensable step. These documents require precise and accurate information, and any errors could have serious consequences. Translations require a deep understanding of the source language and a mastery of the target language. Using translation agency proofreading services ensures that the translation accurately conveys the original meaning and context.

Atlas Translations employs professional translators and proofreaders who specialise in specific fields. You can be assured that your translated material is error-free, culturally sensitive, and effectively conveys the intended message to your target audience.

ISO Certifications Requirements

Proofreading is crucial in ensuring compliance with the ISO 17100 standard for translation services. This standard sets specific requirements for the processes and competencies necessary for delivering high-quality translations.

Atlas Translations proudly adheres to these standards as holders of the coveted BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17100:2017 certifications. You can be confident that your translated content meets the highest levels of quality and accuracy. 

That’s why we recommend proofreading for many of our clients. If you know your content will be read by a large audience, proofreading provides that extra peace of mind to help you achieve your aims.

That’s a Wrap!

To sum up, proofreading is a vital step in the translation process. It helps to eliminate errors, enhance accuracy, and ensure that the translated text faithfully reflects the intended meaning and tone of the original content.

A well-proofread translation not only improves clarity and comprehension but also helps build trust and credibility with your clients.

When you need professional proofreading for medical, legal or technical documents, Atlas Translations will deliver high-quality translations that meet your expectations.

Moving Forward with Atlas Translations

Atlas Translations has been delivering top-notch translation services for over thirty years.

If you’re interested in our proofreading services or wondering whether they’re needed on your translation project, it’s easy to learn more today.

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