Technology in translations – Human translation vs machines

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Human translation vs machines

Human translation vs machines. A topic that comes up frequently in discussions about the future of the translation industry (and indeed many other industries). The role of technology and what it means for human translators.

As many of us realise, technology is a rapidly growing sector in today’s society. The emergence and development of AI and machine learning expanding at a massive rate. Translators are not technology; atlas translations; st albans; translators; herts; londononly embedded within our mobile phones but within robots and machinery. This may soon become the norm. With the possibility of this new technology emerging will our translation jobs be at risk? The answer to this is no!

Translation Apps? Google Translate?

As we know computers are very smart and there are still tons of pathways that can be explored for improvement. But they are not humans and generally translating with technology can be very wrongly interpreted if relied upon. Some of the top translation apps used worldwide like Google Translate are just not accurate enough to consistently translate sentences and larger documents to 100% perfection. This is why using a translation service such as Atlas Translations is an amazing way to get a perfect translation of anything from novels and magazines to manuals and websites. The list is endless!

I am sure you have heard of the phrase “lost in translation” at some point and this is the main issue with the reliance on technology. We have no idea how translation will fare in the future. Computers today are a great way to translate words or simple phrases. But they do not necessarily work when trying to translate whole sentences or paragraphs and this is where confusion and frustration may take shape. Without the filter of a human exercising a frame of reference and context, automated translation tends to produce some humorous results.

Atlas Translations provide interpreting in all languages, therefore, depending on that app on your phone is not your last resort! Contact 01727 812 725, send an email to or contact us via the live chat on our website for a free quote. We are happy to help and provide 24/7 support to whoever is in need of our services.

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