Translation Agency Tips: #6 You’ve been approved by an agency – so where is the work?

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At Atlas, we deal with supplier applications on a daily basis and there are thousands of freelancers who have been approved to work with us. Unfortunately, it is impossible to work with every one of our suppliers every day. You’ve been approved to work with an agency, but what can you do to start receiving offers of work?


Good communication is one of the key aspects to getting more work with us and building a good working relationship. One thing we tell everyone who asks how to get more work with us (and which very few people actually do!), is to keep the line open and get in contact from time to time just to introduce yourself, let us know about your availability and what you’re up to at the moment. Don’t just complete your application and let this be it! When approved by an agency, give them a call to introduce yourself and send regular emails to stay in touch. This will keep your name in the minds of the Project Managers, and who knows, a suitable assignment may be just around the corner!  We do appreciate the efforts of some suppliers to stay in touch and this is usually reflected in their workloads.


Another useful tip that goes toward getting to know the Project Managers is to attend one of our Supplier Lunches (the next one is on 10th December – contact for further details). We always look forward to meeting freelancers and what better way to do this than by sharing a lunch together, meeting our team and discussing all the aspects of the business. Obviously, we do understand that not everybody is able to come along, especially if you are based in a different country, but this is certainly the best way to remind us what you do and how much you’d like to start working with us.


Good communication also helps us run our business efficiently. We work with a multitude of talented and professionally qualified translators and interpreters, so please don’t be afraid to let us know that you’re free and looking forward to new assignments! The more we communicate, the better we work together! In a later blog in this series, we’ll discuss effective ways to market yourself as a freelancer. The key thing to remember is that the work is out there but you need to go and find it – don’t wait for it to come to you!


We look forward to working with you all very soon.


Keep in touch!

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