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In our digital world, typesetting can often be seen as a finishing touch after the bulk of the work is done. In reality, typesetting is one of the most important stages of the translation process. It helps make sure that any text or information is displayed in a way which makes sense to the reader in their native tongue. 

When you’re working in multiple languages, typesetting can be an essential piece of the puzzle – just take a look at the role typesetting and desktop publishing played at last month’s 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

A Global Celebration of Sport

We were all treated to incredible displays of athleticism and skill at the recent Winter Olympics, held in Beijing, China. While the athletes took centre stage competing in sports ranging from ice hockey to ski jumping, behind the scenes there was a dedicated team of interpreters and translating professionals ensuring everything ran smoothly.

With athletes and representatives from 91 countries competing at the Games, it truly was an international affair. Each Olympic Games has three official languages; English, French, and the language of the host nation – in this case, Chinese! 

Speaking the Right Language

Typesetting posed an interesting challenge for the Olympic officials running the Games. From canteen menus to medal tables, it was important to ensure all information presented to athletes, fans and the media during the Games was easy to understand for anyone watching. 

This is especially important when dealing with languages that do not follow the same writing conventions as English. For instance, traditional Chinese characters were written vertically, although many modern iterations are formatted from left to right to align with European languages. 

DTP Services to Meet Your Needs

Typesetting at the Games, which ended with the closing ceremony on 20 February, was a success thanks to the work of hundreds of dedicated translation professionals. Here at Atlas Translations, we have over thirty years’ worth of experience in typesetting and desktop publishing (DTP) services. 

If you’re looking to translate brochures, business cards or other marketing materials, we’re able to offer typesetting services that help you reach your target audience in their own language. We also offer typesetting and design services without translation, ensuring your marketing materials hit all the right notes. Give us a call today or reach out via our website to discover more!

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