Why You Should Forget Machine Translation

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If you’re looking to translate materials for a marketing campaign or a transcription service, it can be tempting to turn to an online machine translation platform for help. While machine translation has improved by leaps and bounds in the past few years, it’s still no match for the accuracy and human touch of a qualified translation professional – and here’s why.

Finding the Right Translation for You

Machine translation can be a great solution if you’re not sure what to order in a French restaurant or want to ask which way the beach is during an Italian getaway. However, for professional tasks the powers of technology can sometimes end up falling short of the mark.

When it comes to expanding your business to embrace new markets, the quality work of a professional translation expert can ensure everything runs smoothly. Translation is about more than just word-for-word comparison – a qualified translator will make sure the tone, style and impact of your translated text is as accurate and close to the original as possible. 

Avoiding Machine-made Mishaps

While machine translation is a quick and easy way to translate the odd phrase or two, it doesn’t always manage to get across the cultural message. Jokes, pop culture references and context clues are all things that can get lost along the way when you use machine translation.

Working with a professional translation agency such as Atlas Translations will ensure that your material is taken care of by a real person working in their native tongue – helping to avoid any cultural cliches or foreign faux pas! 

Making Your Mark with Professional Translation

Human translation also involves a level of creativity and flair that machines just can’t match. If you want your marketing materials to stand out from the crowd, or to make sure that your text makes perfect sense for your target audience, it’s worth it to get the job done right. 

Just like any marketing campaign, making sure your translated text sends the right message can make a big difference when it comes to customer uptake and sales performances. Accurate human translation can help make your target audience feel more at home by using the language that really speaks to them. 

Discovering New Opportunities with Atlas Translations

Looking to take the next step in the translation process? Get in touch with us today to find about more about the wide range of services we offer. From global transcreation and localisation services to subtitling and transcription, we’re ready to help you find the perfect solution. Give us a call on 01727 812725 or get in touch through our website to discover more today!

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