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Posted on21 May 2024

Boost Your Business with Interpreting Services from Atlas Translations

The ability to communicate effectively across cultural boundaries through language is no longer a luxury but a necessity. A miscommunication can lead to lost opportunities, ultimately impacting your bottom line. However, with the right language interpretation partner onboard (we know of a fantastic partner 😎), you can bridge gaps and unlock the full potential of your company’s global market. Read on to understand how to boost your business with interpreting services from Atlas Translations.

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Accurate, timely interpretation combined with seamless communication is what we’re all about. So, join us as we forage around language support through interpretation in global business and explore how Atlas Translations can help elevate your international growth, understanding, and success.

The Importance of Language Support in Global Business

Global economies are rife with language barriers, which pose a significant obstacle to building and maintaining successful business relationships. As companies look to expand their operations across borders, effective communication becomes crucial to negotiating deals, closing sales, and fostering trust. Without proper language support, even the smallest miscommunication can lead to misunderstandings, lost opportunities, and damaged reputations.

When you take into account multicultural and multilingual business environments, language barriers can affect not only the executives and supervisors but also the “boots on the ground” workforce. Executives may miss out on tapping into the general feeling of their company when they’re unable to understand the dominant spoken language. Supervisors may not be able to coach their team properly. Non-English-speaking employees may feel embarrassed to approach an English-speaking supervisor with work issues. What if that employee wants to bring up a problem or a process inefficiency?

Translation of work materials (safety, processes, directions, how-to guides, etc.) is a must, but when an immediate need for translation pops up, on-the-spot interpretation may be the answer.

How Atlas Translations’ Interpreting Services Can Help

As we’ve mentioned, language barriers can get in the way of the flow of communication, leading to misunderstandings, miscommunications, and lost business opportunities. This is where Atlas Translations’ expert interpreting services slide in to save the day!

Whether you need interpreting services for a legal consultation, business meetings, negotiations, conferences, or any other event, we’re here to help. Our interpreters are knowledgeable in their source and target languages and have specific sector experience, so you’ll know that your message is being conveyed accurately and effectively. Seamless communications for the win!

What Interpreting Services Do You Offer?

We offer a range of different interpreting services to suit your needs, whatever the occasion.

Face-to-Face Interpreting

Our face-to-face interpreting services are perfect for bridging the language gap for corporate meetings, court appearances, or medical appointments. Our qualified interpreters provide fantastic service in all languages, no matter how unusual. From British Sign Language (BSL) to Bengali, our experts can help you achieve your language goals.

24/7 Telephone Interpreting

As well as our global network of face-to-face interpreters, we also offer 24/7 phone interpreting services in any language. Set up a free account with us, and you’ll be connected to a professional interpreter whenever you need one. With both consecutive (you speak, then they interpret) and simultaneous (they interpret while you speak) interpretations available, this service can help you communicate quickly and effectively every time. Services like this can make all the difference for urgent client negotiations or employee meetings.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

With a full range of global translation services, we also offer video remote interpreting (VRI). This helps people interact more personally than telephone language interpretation because of visual context and visual cues. Atlas Translations offers a low per-minute rate for consecutive and simultaneous interpretation while eliminating the hassle of travel time, mileage fees and waiting time that can be associated with face-to-face interpreting.

With exceptional high-resolution video and audio connection, you’ll be able to see and hear the interpreter as if they were right next to you. Getting started is easy. All you need is internet access, a mobile phone or computer, and a webcam, and there’s no expensive equipment to rent or purchase. We will also provide additional expertise and support.

How Our Clients Have Benefited from Our Services

From facilitating international trade agreements to bridging language gaps at global conferences, our interpreting services have played a pivotal role in fostering successful business relationships for our clients.

Take, for instance, the work we did for the 15th Asian Games in Doha, Qatar. This is Asia’s most important Olympic-style sporting event, with over 9000 athletes from 45 member nations competing in over 400 events in 39 categories. Throw in the added pressure of the games being broadcast on television for the first time, and there wasn’t much room any room for mistakes.

With a team of 25 interpreters working in four languages—Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean—we ensured everything ran smoothly with our literal round-the-clock interpreting services. Our team did a fantastic job in ensuring that every detail, meaning and nuance was accurately conveyed, leading to an extremely happy and satisfied client.

By partnering with Atlas Translations, our interpreting services have helped our clients boost their business, overcome language barriers, build trust, and forge lasting relationships.

It’s a Wrap!

As businesses continue to expand their reach across borders, the importance of seamless communication cannot be overstated. With Atlas Translations’ expert interpreting services, you can:

  • Foster meaningful relationships with clients, partners, and colleagues
  • Expand your organisation’s market into diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds
  • Navigate those international markets with confidence
  • Negotiate and win lucrative deals
  • Build trust with your global audience

Whether you’re a multinational corporation or a smaller, local business, interpreting services with Atlas Translations can boost your business and help you break down language barriers to achieve your goals.

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