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Posted on13 March 2024

Making an Impact with Sustainable and Ethical Business Practices

Being sustainable and growing through ethical business practices isn’t a fad for us here at Atlas Translations. They’re not just the latest buzzwords but essential pillars for our future growth, and we proudly stand at the front of this movement. We recognise the impact that translation and localisation can have on promoting a global, healthier workplace.

Anyone who knows us will be aware that we commit to maintaining a positive and healthy work environment. We keep that ethos in mind as we celebrate support for sustainable and ethical business practices in the translation industry.

Keep reading to learn a little more about how we do that!

Embracing Sustainable Digital Innovation

We’ve moved over to digital platforms and paperless services. This is a far cry from our early start-up days in 1991. Thankfully, the days of paper-heavy processes are long gone. No more “I’d like it in triplicate, please” 😣. This allows us to be efficient while providing great service. And, it shows our commitment to cutting our environmental impact.

It’s a shift that matches our sustainability goals and contributes to ethical business practices within the translation industry. The use of digital certification and paperless services shows our clients their translation partner is committed to sustainable practices while providing top-notch services.

When it comes to all things sustainable, we love to be “hands-on.” We also know that ethical business practices begin at home. So, we’ve worked hard to identify and address areas where we can improve our efforts in sustainable transformation.

Collaborating for a Greater Impact

Understanding that real change comes from collective action, we actively seek collaboration with peers and industry leaders.

In September 2023, we were delighted to take part in the annual Ethical Business Summit hosted by our partners at the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) and European Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC). The conference was a brilliant opportunity to get involved with all things sustainable in the translation world.

During the two-day conference, we heard from industry experts and thought leaders. They stressed the need for sustainable business practices and explained how we can make a real difference.

These events let us share insights, learn from each other, and push the limits of sustainable global operations.

Celebrating Ethical Leadership and Innovation

Recognition and celebration of achievements within our industry play a vital role in promoting ethical business practices.

Atlas’s involvement in the 2023 Language Industry Awards is a testament to our dedication to excellence and sustainability. These awards, held during the Ethical Business Summit, saw us honoured to receive a Commendation for ATC Company of the Year. We were also able to celebrate our own Stefania Orlotti taking home the ATC Project Manager of the Year award.

Celebrating individuals like Stefania highlights the human element behind our efforts. This allows us to showcase the dedication and determination that Team Atlas put in to make a difference.

Our commendation for the ATC’s Company of the Year Award reflects our collective success in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the translation industry. We work every day as a team, knowing that we’re setting new benchmarks for ethical and sustainable business practices.

Keeping Sustainable and Ethical Practices at Our Core

At Atlas, sustainability and ethical business practices are a part of our operational business plan. They’re woven into the fabric of our operations as we work toward our goals.

Whether it involves implementing environmental initiatives across our team or collaborating with industry colleagues to bring about wider change. From being a Mindful Employer to creating the St. Albans Bra Bank, our progressive business practices are part and parcel of who we are.

It’s a commitment that Atlas Translations wants in place because we know it will contribute to a more sustainable and ethical world for future generations.

Why Sustainability Matters for Global Organisations

For global organisations of all sizes, the choice of translation and localisation services goes beyond mere linguistic accuracy. It reflects a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices that resonate with customers, employees, and partners worldwide. In choosing a partner like Atlas, organisations signal their dedication to these values, enhancing their brand reputation and building stronger, more meaningful connections across cultures.

Engaging with a translation service that prioritises sustainability and ethics offers several benefits:

  • Enhanced Brand Image
    • Align with partners that share your commitment to sustainability
    • Strengthen your brand’s position as a responsible global organisation
  • Operational Efficiency
    • Digitised and paperless translation processes reduce your environmental impact
    • Streamlined operations mean saving time and resources
  • Collaborative Opportunities
    • Work with a leader in ethical business practices opens doors to
      • New collaborations
      • Forward-looking initiatives
    • Drive innovation and sustainability in your operations

Be Part of Our Journey to Sustainability

Atlas Translations is more than a translation and localisation service provider. We’re a partner in your journey towards more sustainable and ethical business practices. We just do it in many different languages!

By choosing Atlas, you’re joining a global community of forward-thinking organisations dedicated to making a positive impact through responsible business practices.

If you’re ready to elevate your translation and localisation services, we’re ready and waiting. You’ll be joining forces with a partner who shares your commitment to sustainability and ethics.

Moving Forward with Atlas Translations

Atlas Translations has been delivering top-notch translation services for over thirty years.

From certified translation to localisation services, we have the global experience and know-how to produce quality work, whatever the context.

Are you ready to take the next step in your translation or localisation journey? Our talented team is always primed and ready to help.

Call us today on +44 (0)1727 812 725 or send us an email at to find out more.

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