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Posted on20 February 2024

Atlas FAQs: What Languages Do You Work In?

At Atlas Translations, we like to think we’re holding a key that unlocks conversations around the world. A passport to global dialogue, if you will. Even so, on a daily basis, the number one question we get asked over a lovely cuppa tea is, “So, what languages do you work in?” Now, obviously, we don’t mind being asked that question, but fair warning, it will lead to a two-cuppa reply.

Looking to update your passport? Communicate with new markets? Connect with a multicultural audience? Fear not; we’ve got the linguistic prowess* to help you succeed.

Armenian to Zulu, Arabic to Zande – buckle up and prepare for an informative journey through the rich tapestry of languages that we work in!

*it’s tea, actually, but how cool did “linguistic prowess” sound!!

The Range of Languages We Offer

Atlas Translations stands out for its extensive language coverage. We offer translation services in over 300 languages. Yes, you read that correctly, over 300 languages!

This includes widely spoken languages like:

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • Urdu

But, we also take pride in catering to clients who require translations in niche and endangered languages such as:

  • Basque
  • Lesser Antillean Creole
  • Malayalam

Our language diversity allows us to serve individuals, businesses, and organisations with diverse linguistic requirements.

How Can Those Languages Help Me?

Good question, so here’s some examples:

  • A pharmaceutical organisation that needs patient information leaflets translated into multiple languages. How do they benefit from our comprehensive language offerings? Because we ensure that vital healthcare details are accurately communicated to patients from many different cultural backgrounds. It’s not just about word-for-word; the details, like meaning and context, are also important.
  • A multinational corporation seeks to expand its operations globally. They can rely on Atlas Translations to provide accurate and culturally sensitive translations in multiple languages. It’s a necessary and foolproof way of facilitating effective communication across borders.
  • An individual whose official documents require notarised, certified, or legalised translations. We excel in providing authenticity and adherence to legal standards. Vital documents such as birth and death certificates, academic diplomas, and various corporate documents are meticulously handled by our expert linguists.

Our clients trust Atlas Translations to deliver high-quality translations tailored to their specific language needs. We are incredibly confident that we’ll seamlessly match you with the right translator for your language needs.

How are different languages priced?

Although some languages are more complex than others, it’s not complex to get a quote from us!

Pop over to our website, and you’ll find transparent, no-fuss price quotes are just a click away. Whether you’re an individual, a startup or a multinational corporation, we tailor our linguistic magic to fit your needs – no hidden surprises.

So, if you’re a business looking to work with us, you can check out our handy price grid for pricing info on some of our most popular languages. 

We offer a range of certified translation packages for private clients to suit your needs. Straightforward and easy to get started with, these packages cover common services such as certified translation, notarisation and legalised translation services.

Are Specialised Translation Services Available?

It’s not just languages where we focus on finding the perfect fit. We also make sure our translators have sector-specific experience to ensure the most accurate translation possible.

Our translators aren’t just masters of the language they work in; they’re seasoned experts in fields ranging from legal to healthcare and tech to tourism. This means your translations aren’t just accurate; they’re crafted with industry-specific knowledge and nuance. It’s like having your own personal native-speaker insider in every sector.

Whether you’re looking for a translator with great marketing experience or someone with a bilingual understanding of key medical or legal terms, we’ve got the versatility to provide the perfect translation in any area.

We demonstrate our commitment to precision, accuracy, and client-focused solutions by offering a choice of certification services. This sets the standard high in the translation industry for ensuring the integrity and validity of translated materials.

What Are Your Most Popular Languages?

Naturally, some languages are more popular among our clients than others. As mentioned above, our agency translates most frequently into French, German, Italian and Spanish. These target languages are often a favourite with businesses looking to expand with localisation services. At this point, we’ll rein ourselves in when it comes to answering, “What languages do you work in?”

But, again, our translation services aren’t restricted to these more commonly used languages. Our brilliant translators always work in their native language, and we pride ourselves on our ability to find a match for any client that comes our way.

So, whether you’re looking to expand your business globally, aiming to connect with new audiences, or simply need to translate your grandma’s favourite recipes into multiple languages, Atlas Translations is here for you.

That’s a Wrap!

Let’s sum this all up with a nifty bullet-point list:

  • Our translators are skilled in a wide range of commonly used and niche languages
  • Our team is on hand to help you meet your specific translation needs
  • We have a variety of certification packages on offer
  • Our pricing is transparent and hassle-free
  • We pride ourselves on working with translators who are also sector-specific

By choosing Atlas Translations, you are not only investing in accurate and efficient translations but also in a partner dedicated to delivering high-quality language services tailored to your requirements. 

Moving Forward with Atlas Translations

Atlas Translations has been delivering top-notch translation services for over thirty years.

From certified translation to interpreting services, we have the experience and know-how to produce quality work, whatever the context.

Are you looking to take the next step on your translation journey? Our terrific team is always on hand to help.

Give us a call at +44 (0)1727 812 725 or send us an email at to find out more today.

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